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Third Caadp Biennial Review Assesses Indicator's Impact In Africa

ABIDJAN, COTE D'IVORE 16th March, 2022 (AEJ) - The African Union is conducting training of regional experts to support post 3rd Biennial Review (BR) report and subsequent report process with 85 participants across Africa in attendance, including the African Union Commission, African Union Development Agency-NEPAD, African Union -Inter African Bureau on Animal Resources and Regional Economic Community staff. Other participants include AK2063, AGRA, IFPRI, FAO, BR Task Force leaders, technical working group leaders, regional technical experts, non-state actors and other stakeholders.

The Malabo declaration of 2014 signed by Heads of States in Equatorial Guinea reasserts a strong commitment to reach Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) goals by identifying specific targets to be achieved within a period of ten years.

These include, amongst others, enhancing investment finance in agriculture, poverty reduction, ending hunger, tripling intra-Africa trade in agricultural goods and services, and enhancing resilience of livelihoods and production systems, in order to ensure that agriculture contributes significantly to poverty reduction on the continent.

Training of Trainers on the CAADP Biennial Review

The biennial agricultural review process involves tracking, monitoring and reporting on implementation progress; (ii) foster alignment, harmonization and coordination among multi- sectorial efforts and multi-institutional platforms for peer review, mutual learning and mutual accountability; and (iii) strengthen national and regional institutional capacities for knowledge and data generation and management that support evidence-based planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation at all levels (national, sub-regional and continental) for the expected growth and agricultural transformation in Africa.

It is expected that participants equipped during the training of trainers will support countries during the dialogues on results and recommendations of the 3rd BR Report, and explain the policy and investment implications of the findings.

It is also expected that participants will able to guide countries to integrate Malabo and the Africa Common Position – United National Food Systems Summit to their agricultural investment plans; Increase awareness and use of the BR communication and advocacy tools for dissemination of results.

The country scorecard has a benchmark, a standard or point of reference against which scores are compared. Those not on-track is when the score of a country is less than the benchmark for 2020. Those progressing well when the score of a country is above, but less than the benchmark for 2020. Finally, on-track is when the score of a member state is equal to or greater than the benchmark for 2020.

Rwanda is the only country on track with Morocco and Mali rated as those progressing well.

A Congolese participant captured with the Ivorian flag during the event

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