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Unity Pivotal To Tackle Climate And Environment Degradation

LILONGWE, Malawi 07th June, 2022 (AEJ) -Combating environment degradation needs concerted efforts among the various players other than individuals and institutions working in isolation as silos, Malawian activists have been warned by experts.

The call was made during World Environment Day commemoration at US Embassy in Lilongwe where environment activists and technology innovators brainstormed and shared ideas on the solutions the country needs to improve ecosystem conservation and address some of the climate related challenges.

Annually, Malawi joins the rest of the world in commemorating environment day on 05 June with an aim of encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. The date was set by United Nations in 1972 and was celebrated under the theme “Only one earth” this year.

As part of the celebrations, activists from Lilongwe, Balaka, Zomba representing Springs of Hope, Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, Global Wastes Solutions, Creative Solutions, and Equinox 13 films showcased some of the activities they are implementing in their respective areas as part of addressing the climate crisis. Global Wastes Solution’s Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Chiunjira reminded the participants the need for team work considering that it is not one man’s role in addressing climate change but collaborative efforts.

Some of the participants captured during the session in Lilongwe

Chiunjira added that environment activists should strive hard to implement interventions that are geared towards building community resilience in a more coordinated manner other than working in isolation to showcase their expertise.

“Activists should ensure they network and have platforms that can help in exposing their diverse interventions to the multitude when tackling climate change and not only working on isolation,” Chiunjira said

He lamented, “communities should also need to embrace waste management and recycling as one of the best practices in combating poverty and climate change.”

Lilongwe based waste management and decorative artist Regina Mlambe Sitolo applauded the organizers for creating the platform saying it has helped her in acquiring some knowledge on marketing strategies.

“Students are the ones who can easily champion for change in their perspective home areas hence, a need to be included on issues concerning environmental conservation and waste management in Malawi.” Sitolo observed during an interview.

She urged environment activists to focus on training students both in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions so that the country can fulfill the vision of combating environment degradation through the youth movement crusade.

Artistic work on display during the event at US Information Services

Apart from showcasing products made from wastes, environment activists and students from All Ages Academy from Kawale 2 in Lilongwe made a commitment that they will use their works in addressing climate change in their areas.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals 13 on climate action states that there is no country that is not experiencing the negative effects of climate change. Global warming is causing long-lasting changes to our climate system which threatens irreversible consequences if humanity does not act timely.

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