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Youth Participation Pivotal To Attain Mw2063

LILONGWE, Malawi 10th July, 2022 (AEJ) - The Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources through its Natural Resources College (NRC) has raised the bar and created stiff competition among youth as champions and ambassadors of environment conservation in tertiary education. This came to light after Malaika Shame, a first-year food and nutrition security student was crowned Miss Environment recently.

The event was organized by Malawi Creation Care Network (MCCN) in partnership with the NRC Environment Club. MCCN voluntary national coordinator Charles Bakolo explained that the network believes that organizing the beauty pageant will help in mobilizing young people especially females to be part of the conservation movement to ensure a more sustainably managed environment.

Judges and part of the audience that witnessed the event

“Miss Environment will act as a bridge between the network and NRC environment club hence make sure that we work hand in hand on issues and matters to do with sound environment management and tackling climate related issues in Malawi,” observed Bakolo in an interview.

Speaking after being crowned environment queen on the sidelines of the contest, Shame quickly pointed out that Malawi 2063 vision will not be achieved without young people’s engagement and integration in the dream. Shame outlined the critical role that young people have in protecting and conserving the environment at a time pressure is mounting from the growing population. This she believes can help in containing some challenges that continue to face the country and the world at large. She vowed her full commitment to mobilize young people’s voices to demand climate justice.

“We all know the economic and health consequences of climate change. As young people, we can't just sit idle and watch; now is the time for us to act. I will do all what I can to be exemplary to my friends in conserving the environment,” shame outlined her vision during her tenure of office.

Charles Bakolo National Coordinator of MCCN will work closely with the newly crowned queen

During the contest Andria Nhlema and Zelipher Mnjale emerged first and second environment princess respectively. NRC Environment Club Chairperson Jane Mwale acknowledged the critical role that young people play to ensure that the environment is conserved and protected and that resources are utilized in a sustainable manner for the benefit of future generations.

“If a lot of youths can join hands in conserving the environment. We can surely eradicate the challenges that the country is experiencing including those brought about by climate change. I believe that the country can also experience and see some changes to that effect,” she explained.

The 2030 agenda for sustainable development adopted by United Nations member states in 2015 called for urgent action in combating climate change, under Sustainable Development Goal 14 that calls for climate action.

Some of the ladies that took part in the contest at NRC campus
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