Why Green Media Awards?
The motivation is to promote and sustain media coverage on the environment in Malawi and accelerate the agenda for sustainable utilization of Malawi’s natural resources.

All journalists practising in Malawi are eligible to apply, however, AEJ members will have an added advantage. Each Journalist is eligible to submit a minimum of two stories per category for a maximum of three categories.

The jury will entertain materials in English and Chichewa only.

Agriculture (nutrition, irrigation e.t.c), Best blogger / On-line journalists, Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction, Energy, Forestry, Green Media House of the year, Mining, The Green Documentary, The Green Investigative/Accountability award, The Green Photojournalist of the year, Waste Management and Pollution, Water and Sanitation, Wildlife,  

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National Assembly For Science And Environment Journalists In Malawi

The Association of Environment Journalists in Malawi (AEJ) is pleased to announce the National Assembly for Science and Environment Journalists in Malawi from 11th through 13th April, 2019 where Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Honourable Aggrey Masi will be the guest of honour. United Nations Development Development Programme, Resident Representative Ms. Claire Medina will also grace the occasion and participate in the Sustainable Development Goals awareness walk.

Sponsors of the Assembly

AEJ is grateful to the following for their support to make the assembly a reality; Malawi Government through Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Environmental Affairs Department, United Nations Development Programme, European Union, PUMA, EGENCO, FEDOMA, Kawandama Hills, Invegrow, YONECO and many more.

National Training and Stakeholders Engagement

AEJ has also planned a 2-day training platform where stakeholders from different government departments and ministries, civil society, academia and development partners will interact with environment journalists on key issues, studies and emerging developments, regional declarations and commitments affecting the environment.

Live Panel Discussion

There will be a live panel discussion to be broadcasted on Zodiak radio centered on the theme: “Roles of trees and forests in building a resilient nation.” The platform will accord listeners and participants to input their ideas on possible solutions of ensuring trees are forests are conserved as part of building resilience among communities. Issues of catchment, soil and water conservation will be integrated in the discussion.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) awareness walk

AEJ in partnership with United Nations Development Programme will conduct a solidarity walk to raise profile of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The solidarity walk will commence from Shoprite Chichiri Mall ground through Chipembere Highway passing through the central business district ending at Victoria Hotel in the heart of the city .

Annual General Meeting

The grouping will also hold an elective assembly for its office bearers.

Green Media Awards 2018

In order to reach out to as many people as possible with relevant green and resilient related messages towards sustainable development. AEJ will for the third time recognize its members with Green Media Awards for the year 2018. The awards were initially designed to boost agriculture, environment and science reporting by honoring hardworking, passionate environment journalists and communicators who pitched up and managed to publish print, electronic and online successful stories.

The 2018 awards will center on the theme “Greening the Media for a Resilient Malawi” where AEJ plan to mainstream environment coverage as part of scaling up resilience interventions among the populace. It is now in public domain that Malawi and its neighbouring countries Mozambique and Zimbabwe are reeling from the devastating cyclone Idai when hit last month with shocking headlines. Hundreds of people lost their lives, property and food were destroyed.

It is the expectation of AEJ that the media can play an important role of raising awareness on early warning systems in the event of disasters as forecasted by experts. This will help the public to make informed decisions and remain resilient in a changing environment.

It is the considered view of AEJ therefore that the training and awards are a catalyst to create the drive in practitioners to invest efforts and time to ensure environment journalism thrives in the face of all these challenges.

At the awards ceremony, there are a number of categories up for grabs. These include; climate change, energy and green economy, waste management and pollution, disaster risk reduction, forestry, fisheries, wildlife, water and sanitation, agriculture and mining governance among others.

The panel of judges is almost through reviewing the entries received to check for originality, creativity, depth, timeliness, articulation and understanding of subject matter among other pointers. AEJ will present trophies and an assortment of prizes to all selected award winners in the categories.


The Association of Environment Journalists in Malawi (AEJ) is a grouping of over 100 journalists from all media houses that include print, electronic and television formed in 2011. Its main objectives are to raise the profile of science and environment journalism in order for the public to make informed decisions for their lives foster sustainable national development.

As a fully registered institution under the Trustees of Incorporation Act in the Laws of Malawi at the Ministry of Justice. AEJ realizes that the challenges Malawi and the region continue to face can best be addressed through massive awareness raising in various sectors including agriculture, disaster risk reduction, sustainable environment management using the media with a view to generate mindset change inline with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Charles MKOKA

Secretary General

Association of Environment Journalists in Malawi

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