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Tertiary Education Network Springboard For Climate Learning

Lilongwe, Malawi 24th October, 2022 (AEJ) – The battle to combat negative effects of climate change that continues to inflict huge losses and damage on livelihoods, economy, energy, roads and bridges need sustained consultative efforts by all sectoral players including the academia as architects of research in climate science, it has been learnt to date.

The remarks were made during the inaugural annual conference of the Malawi Higher Education Institutions Network on Climate Change Learning (MHEINCCL) held in Lilongwe today.

Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change, Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka observed that the coming together of institutions of higher learning to create a robust and vibrant network on climate change learning will help government to come up with backed-up scientific evidence in the quest to combat the vice.

Climate change is real as witnessed from the recent events in Malawi - Mkaka

According to Mkaka climate change is real, it cannot be ignored and there is a need for concerted efforts among all stakeholders if we are to win the fight. “We are all aware of the devastating effects that climate change is having on almost all aspects of our lives such as agriculture, transport and human health and well-being,” explained Mkaka who was the guest of honour during the event.

He added that Malawi has been heavily affected by climate change effects and the coming together of the members of the academia to set up the network recognizes that climate change is not only for scientists, such that all programmes at tertiary level should mainstream elements of climate change learning.

Taking his turn, MHEINCC chairperson, Wilfred Kadewa explained on the sidelines of the event that the meeting will help to address some of the gaps that have been in existence in dealing with climate change. Kadewa also noted that the network will be a platform for both knowledge sharing and experiences on how to deal with climate change.

The network will provide an opportunity to share wide knowledge and expertise - Kadewa

“The network will provide an opportunity to share wide knowledge and expertise in dealing with climate change by providing much need research based information to overcome effects of climate change,” Kadewa said in an interview.

The MNHEICCL conference were held under the main theme, “Climate Change Learning and Skills Development for a Resilient Malawi,” with sub-themes such as climate change financing mechanisms, advances in innovations and technology under changing climate, climate change resilience, mitigation and adaptation, climate change education/knowledge (Science, impacts and response); and governance of climate change learning.

The higher education network conference on climate change learning was held with financial support from the National Climate Resilience Programme (NCRP).

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